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Black History Month, observed annually in February, continued to serve this year as a significant commemoration of Afric
The resurgence of sea otters in Elkhorn Slough, California, has marked a positive development for the local marshland ec
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From Mar. 2, special investigators will handle school violence in Seoul. The investigator will visit the school, conduct
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A leap year is a year with an extra day. Usually, a calendar year has 365 days. But a leap year
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French farmers, grappling with financial distress amidst global competition and shifting EU policies, have resorted to mass protests to enac
What’s This About?Extreme temperatures present unique challenges to human health and safety. Whether it be the scorching heat or the bone-c
The excitement surrounding Major League Baseball (MLB) reached new heights as tickets for its season opener in South Korea sold out in just
K-pop sensation Lisa of BLACKPINK and the acclaimed boy band Stray Kids took center stage at the Le Gala des Pi?ces Jaunes charity concert i
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On Jan. 28, the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum in Paris became the target of vandalism when climate activists affiliated with the A22 moveme
Alexandra Kollontai was a Russian revolutionary who pushed for radical changes to Russia’s entrenched social customs and institutions. Born
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On Jan. 30, the Korea Post issued commemorative stamps in partnership with the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA), featuring four pieces
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On Jan. 23, South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism unveiled initiatives to foster the growth of the nation’s webtoon platfo
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On Jan. 30, one of the world’s most iconic children’s characters, Elmo, tweeted on X to check in on his fans. The responses from the onlin
Bird flu, also called avian influenza, is a disease that mainly affects birds like chickens. Sometimes, it can spread to people, making them
Your posture can affect your height. Sitting on only half the chair or with legs crossed puts pressure on the upper body. It stunts growth a
Did you know that writing by hand is good for learning and memory? Researchers in Norway found that when you write by hand, your brain remem
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A leap year is a year with an extra day. Usually, a calendar year has 365 days. But a leap year
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The Middle East is a region near the Mediterranean Sea. It is where Europe, Asia, and Africa meet.
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Varied tits are small birds that live in Japan, Korea, China, and Russia. You can spot them in park
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① Squeeze. Squeeze the slime. ② Grind. Grind the meat. ③ Floss. Floss your teeth. ④ Gargle